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For decades, Vinyl Fence and Building Products, Inc. has been building custom fences and yard structures and installing them for the homes of Modesto, CA. In fact, we have been in the vinyl fencing business for over 20 years so you can bet that we know a thing or two about building and installing fences. Our customers are always satisfied with our work because we work specifically to our clients wishes. We listen to you and make sure we clearly see your vision for your fence or lawn structure.

Then, we get to work. We have decades of experience in vinyl fabrication and have become experts in the field. You won’t find better quality vinyl products than the ones we produce ourselves. Whether you want a vinyl product fabricated from scratch, a new fence for your home or garden, or are in need of vinyl building products, Vinyl Fence and Building Products, Inc. is the right company for you.

We are here to work around our customers’ needs and desires. We are fully capable of installing your dream fence for you but if you like, we give you the option of installing it yourself. No matter what approach you choose, we know you will be satisfied with your vinyl fence because you just can’t beat vinyl fencing. It looks great, sure, but what is less obvious is that vinyl fencing needs practically no maintenance. It is highly durable and never needs to be painted.

Our vinyl fences are the best because they are easy to install, own, and enjoy. All of our products are of the highest craftsmanship and our installers are the best in the business. Give Vinyl Fence and Building Products, Inc. a try today!